Victoria Lloyd

Viki studies, teaches and practices the authentic Chinese martial art of Chen Taijiquan. She offers weekly and monthly classes, private lessons, seminars and Retreats days and weekends to all levels and abilities from complete beginners to advanced students. Everyone, of any age, from any background, or of any skill level is assured a warm welcome and genuine encouragement as they start to explore the beauty, depth and culture of Taijiquan.

Viki has been training and learning Chen Taijiquan for over 15 years and has travelled overseas to attend professional development seminars. She makes an annual journey to rural China for advanced technical training in Chenjiagou Village. This is the birthplace of Taijiquan and affords an opportunity to become immersed in the study of Taijiquan and to learn and appreciate the culture of an unique location and environment. The in-depth training seminar is taught by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing, the current Principle of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, the oldest teaching school in China or Master Chen YingJun, the second son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, one of the best young teachers from the Chen family.

As well as practicing and teaching the traditional and fundamental empty hand Forms of Chen Taijiquan, Viki also studies the Chen weapon Forms including Chen Sabre (Dao), Chen Sword (Jian), Chen Spear (also known as Pear-Flower Spear & White Ape Staff) (Qiang), Chen Spring & Autumn Broadsword (Guan Dao), Chen Double Mace and Chen Double Broadsword (Da Dao).

She is a registered instructor with Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB, the official branch of the China Chenjiagou School in the UK, a member of the Chinese Internal Arts Association and the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Viki attends seminars with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Master Chen YingJun and Master Chen Ziqiang when they visit the UK.

In the autumn of each year Viki hosts a series of seminars in Reading for beginners and advanced students that are taught by Master Chen YingJun during his annual visit to the UK. Based in Australia, Chen YingJun is the second son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, speaks fluent English and has a relaxed, open and approachable style of teaching. He is internationally recognized as one of the best young teachers of his family’s martial art tradition.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is one of the foremost global martial artists of his generation. Born in 1946 in Chenjiagou, Henan Province he is the 19th generation ‘Standard Bearer’ of the Chen family's Taijiquan heritage. He is a direct descendant of the creator of Taijiquan, Chen Wangting and grandson of Chen Fa-ke renowned as one of the greatest Taijiquan masters. Chen Xiaowang began his early Taiji training with his father, and subsequently from his uncles, Chen Zhaopei and Chen Zhaokui. He has an unbroken record of Taiji practice of more than fifty years. In martial arts tournaments throughout China, he won numerous Gold Medals, including winning the title of All-China Grand Champion three times in 1980, 1982 and 1983. He was also crowned Grand Champion at the first Open International Tournament in Xian in 1985. He was a national coach of China and also the Martial Arts Director of Henan Province, which includes the famous Shaolin Temple. China has recognised him as a 'Living National Treasure'. As head of the World Chen Taijiquan Association, his calm character and patient approach to teaching has attracted many thousands of students throughout Europe, USA, South America and the Far East. When anyone speaks of Chen style Taijiquan, the first name that springs to mind is Chen Xiaowang.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing is the younger brother of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and epitomises China's traditional rural family martial arts. He has lived in his village all his life and is committed to remaining in Chenjiagou in order to keep his family's martial tradition alive at its birthplace. Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing is the Director of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Chen Village, the oldest, largest and most traditional Taijiquan school. Under his guidance a new generation of Chen Taiji fighters and high quality teachers are emerging from the village. Unlike many martial art teachers who seek to simplify and ease training regimes for recreational Taiji players, he is quite unambiguous in stating that an individual's level of skill is dictated by solid training, and adopts a laser-like focus on attention to detail and precision when teaching the basic building blocks of Taijiquan. Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing is simply a wonderful teacher; inspiring, strict and highly interested in the personal development of each student who trains with him. He has an instinctive ability to communicate the principles and methods of Taijiquan in his classes and impart a deep understanding of his family’s intrinsically complex art.

Master Chen Ziqiang

Chen Ziqiang was born in 1977 in Chenjiagou and is the 20th generation descendant of the Chen lineage. He is the oldest son of Chen Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, and the nephew of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. He is also the great grandson of legendary Taijiquan master Chen Fa-ke. Chen Ziqiang is already highly regarded by his peers for his Taijiquan, which is impressive in itself as the martial arts community in China demands the highest standards and strictest requirements. Chen Ziqiang has competed in many national tournaments throughout China and won gold medals in every division he has competed, in the hand forms, weapons forms, pushing hands, and free fights. He is the chief coach of the Chen Village Taijiquan School and has produced many champions in national competitions. His approach to teaching is pragmatic and generous and his method is clear and concise. He is adept at breaking down difficult movements into component parts which assists in the development of correct posture and transition movements for both beginners and advanced level students.

Master Chen YingJun

Born in Chenjiagou and now based in Australia with a young family, Chen YingJun is the second son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. He travels across the world to teach and spread the art of Taijiquan to people of all continents, he is equally at home teaching a detailed technical seminar to advanced teachers of Taijiquan as he is introducing complete beginners to the wonderful benefits of Taijiquan practice. Chen YingJun possesses amazing body strength coupled with superb flexibility and is always prepared to give breathtaking demonstrations of Forms and all aspects of Chen Taijiquan. He speaks fluent English and has a wonderful patient, relaxed, open and approachable style of teaching, always making sure he speaks with and gets to know all people who attend his training camps. Chen YingJun has the ability to communicate basic training principles simply, with clarity and ease while offering encouragement and inspiration to each individual on their Taijiquan journey. He is internationally recognized as one of the best young teachers of his family’s martial art tradition.