Basic Introduction

Chen Taijiquan is an internal exercise system, refined over hundreds of years for the purpose of Qi (energy) cultivation, and originating in China. It is excellent for relaxation, conditioning the body, improving health, fitness, core body strength, balance, energy levels plus increasing flexibility and range of movement. Chen Taijiquan originated as a martial arts system and it remains, with determined practice, an excellent form of self-defence.

Taijiquan is the series of slow, continuous and flowing movements which can famously be seen performed in the parks and open spaces across South East Asia, often early in the morning. Sometimes Taijiquan is known as 'moving meditation'. With time and effort it can help the practitioner to become revitalised, relaxed, more self-confident, stronger and healthier in both mind and body. Different to most forms of exercise and sport, Taijiquan does not rely on strength, force and speed, making it an ideal exercise for all age groups and levels of fitness. Even with a small amount of practice, health and fitness can improve and relaxation increase.

Chen Taijiquan is also a superb system for helping the individual manage the stresses and pressures of complex modern living. It can help to increase energy levels, improve the quality of sleep, increase flexibility, co-ordination and balance, improve the circulation, condition and strengthen the bones and improve general health and well being.